Additional summer activities

Spark interest and enjoy yourself

Alta Badia's animal parks offer close contact with alpine nature and the animal kingdom as well as farm livestock.
  • Deer Park Paraciora
    The park in Sompunt/Badia offers an opportunity to experience beautiful species of wild animals;  deer, stags and does, and other animals living on local farms.

  • Children's Zoo Colfosco
    The children's zoo in Colfosco offers an opportunity to get to know life on a farm including its livestock and animals.

  • Runch Farm
    The Runch farm in Badia allows children to mingle with livestock and pets alike; chickens, rabbits, sheep, cows, and horses.

Rest at the peaceful oases. Alta Badia's peaceful oases, surrounded by the Dolomites, allow you to relax, swim in a lake, or sunbathe.
  • Biotope Lake in Corvara
    The recreation area in Corvara was designed to offer our guests, old and young alike, a relaxing opportunity  in the midst of nature.

Adventure in the Dolomites
  • Horseback Riding
    Experience the natural beauty of Alta Badia with an excursion on horseback, learn or refine your riding technique at a riding school, enjoy a barbecue with friends after a ride or a ride in a horse drawn carriage.

  • High Rope Course
    If you are looking for adventure and a challenge, you will find it at the High Rope Course in Colfosco; five Parcours with obstacles and tasks constructed of rope, beams, and wire ropes, attached at varying heights throughout the course.
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